Launch & Orientation

Students get exposure through the many activities being conducted in the school which help them make better career and college choices.

Launch of Univariety portal to Students & Parents

Launch of Univariety - 2019

The launch of the Univariety portal was done over 28th & 30th March during the convocation and Carnival day for students progressing from grade 10 to DP1. The session was attended by students and parents. It was a very interactive session with a lot of one on one questions about international study destinations. The discussion also went around profile building. A planned approach on matters of high importance such as Career and College planning would go a long way in a student’s life, leading and guiding his/her success.

Expert:  Ms. Pamela Ray Pawar, Date:  Mar 28th, 2019

Student Orientation

The Orientation and Profile creation session was attended by students of grade 11 & 12. There were many queries about profile building and non-academic intervention. The grade 11 students were very curious about how they can pave a career path for themselves. Some grade 12 students were keen to get logins so that they can start using the portal to its due potential.

Expert:  Ms. Pamela Ray Pawar, Date:  Apr 11th, 2019

Profile Completion

Ms. Ramila had a detailed discussion about the Multiple Intelligence and Personality tests and how it can help them identify their core competence. The session was attended by IBDP1 students. Each student was given their login details and instructions to complete their profile on the Univariety portal.

Expert:  Ms. Ramila, Date:  Jul 10th, 2019

Profile completion and Assessment

A session for students was held in order to complete their Profile creation and Ideal Career test. There was a discussion on how the Univariety portal would be their career guide and the advantages of using it. Such activities conducted by experts in the school give students exposure and clarity on matters pertinent to their career and college choices helping them make important decisions in this regard.

Expert:  Ms. Pamela Ray Pawar, Date:  Jul 31st, 2019

Newcastle University Business School Visit

Workshops by universities conducted in the school ensure that the student gets enough exposure from various avenues and receive clarity on queries regarding choices of streams and careers. Newcastle University Business School is part of an elite group of Business Schools worldwide that hold triple accreditation from the three internationally recognised accreditation bodies: AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS. The session was attended by students of grade 11 & 12. Prof. Atanu explored International Trade in today's market and demand. It was a very interactive, informative and engaging session.

Expert:  Prof. Atanu Ghoshray, Newcastle University Business School, Date:  Sep 18th, 2019

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